A happy cat makes for a happy owner!


Thank you a million times for all the helpful advice you guys gave us regarding the meowing cat fiasco! We were able to get some shut eye last night and it was badly needed.

Keeping her in a smaller space at night (the bathroom), with a few of her toys, her water and food, and liter box really seemed to give her peace. We also gave her a conservative dose of children’s pedia care (recommended by my awesome vet friend Courtney), and within 15 minutes she was back to her normal self. Calm, happy, and purring :)

I think she’s finally settling down and starting to be OK with her new home! What a relief! A happy cat makes for a happy owner! That’s for sure!

I haven’t been running that much this week, except for 3 miles on Monday. Life has been too nuts to sacrifice what little sleep we can try to get, for a few miles in the morning. I’m OK with that. Like a very wise friend once told me, “Running might be your life, but life is not running”. So true.

‘Sides, with the weekend of backpacking we’ve got planned ahead of us, I think my we’ll be getting in plenty of milage! I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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  1. OH man, we can totally sympathize with you and upset kitties! Like I said, SO glad you guys got some sleep! No worries about those miles–you guys have been SO busy!!! You’ll get em next week!

  2. misszippy1 says:

    Oy! I’ve been through mouthy kitties in the night. It’s no fun! Glad yours is returning to normal. Nothing more valuable than sleep!

  3. the dawn says:

    yay for sleeping :) and an even bigger hurray for more backpacking. i’m so jealous.

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