The End of an Era!


Last night was my the last evening spent lounging around, girl talking, laughing, and just enjoying each other’s company with my bff roomie, LJ. We’ve had a heck of a two year run, living together. And it’s been a blast. I can’t believe how fast those two years went by!
 We’ve gone through a lot in the past two years, and I’m so lucky to have had LJ as my roomie. From supporting each other through hard academic times (especially qualifying exams); to training and running my first marathon together;

to Ski to Sea adventures; and skiing excursions;
hosting girls night potlucks; and camping trips
… we’ve had so many great times!

This morning, LJ, Daisy, and I went for one last run together as roomies :) Around my fav loop, that LJ first introduced to me. Because I’m a huge dork/totally nostolgic, I made sure we got our last roomie pic together. LUHV.
 Tonight, Weez and I are completing the big moving process and I won’t be coming home to LJ and Daisy after work like I usually do. I’m beyond excited to finally live with Weez, I’m just also sad to be moving out from LJ. We’ll for sure have to keep having Project Runway girls nights and puppy dates. Weez and I can’t wait to get a puppy and introduce Daisy to her new lil’ bro/sis. Fortunately, our new homes aren’t 5 minutes away :) But still, it’s like the end of an era!

But the beginning of a wonderfully, exciting new one :)

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  1. mallory says:

    Ahhh the end of an era. one of the best Friends episodes ever. I’m sorry you’re leaving your roomie but I am so excited for you for the next chapter of your life!!!!

  2. Shanon says:

    awww, this is cute!!! makes me tear up a little.

  3. Sarah says:

    awwww. i cant wait to read about adventures of living with weez… i tell ya. :) love you lots!

  4. nicole says:

    ending one chapter and beginning another! :) bittersweet!

  5. the dawn says:

    so, i am totally thinking of monica and rachel’s–“it’s the end of an era” moment. tear. it’s good to be sad. it affirms that this was a huge meaningful part of your life. and living together will bring so much joy for the rest of your lives. so, morn. i remember when my best friend moved out of our apartment. we roomed together for five years. it was horrible.

    can’t wait to see pictures of the new house and furniture :)

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