My recent addiction to chocolate milk


These days, after coming home from a run in the hot summer sun, my fav recovery drink is definitely chocolate milk.
We’ve all been to races where the first thing they hand you when you pass the finish line is chocolate milk. I always wondered why that was because it sounded so gross to me at the time. Milk and cotton mouth don’t seem to jib in my mind. The last thing I used to want after a sweaty run, was milk. Gimme some good ol’ fashioned H2O, please.

But at the Health and Fitness Bloggers Conference I went to last month, we learned a little about why chocolate milk seems to be so perfect as a recovery drink. Chocolate milk provides fluids, electrolytes, and the 3:1 to 4:1 carb:protein ratio (which apparently is the sweet spot to hit with recovery drinks).

So I figured I’d start giving it a try, and to my surprise, I’m really diggin’ it. MmmmHmmm. Weez doesn’t do cow milk, so he’s been enjoying soy chocolate milk which I have to say, I actually really really like. Dare I say it? I prefer the thinner, less creamy/rich taste of choc soy milk over choc cow milk! True!

In other random JRWI (Just Run With It) news, my labmates and I went to a Rockies game last night! Despite the killer heat and tough loss, we still had a blast!

I gotta start working on evening out my shoulder tan lines… after yesterday’s sun, I’m back to having a solid tank top tan line. No good for a wedding dress! Eek!

I ran 4 easy, recovery miles this morning to loosen up for tomorrow’s 16 miler. Felt refreshing to back down the mileage a little bit ’cause my legs were getting tired from the 6-8 mile mid-week runs.

Thanks for all your advice regarding staying on top of your mileage while busy with travel and whatnot. Buying a few more running magazines is never a bad idea :) Have a great Friday, everyone!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica T says:

    I would never have thought to drink chocolate milk after a run, good to know!

  2. electroncafe says:

    Longmont Dairy chocolate milk is the bomb. They also do home delivery. What could be better?

  3. Lisa says:

    My husband and I were just talking about recovery drinks. His recoveries have been less than stellar recently, so he’s gone back to pounding a V8 after his run (blech). I haven’t quite found my magic recovery drink and unfortunately, not a chocolate fan. But who knows, maybe if it works, I can choke one down from time to time! Thanks for the tip :)

  4. misszippy1 says:

    I love chocolate soy milk too, and Almond Dreams as well. Been doing dark chocolate almond dreams quite a bit lately…yum!

    Have a nice long one this weekend!

  5. melon says:

    I believe the hip, “new age” term for cow’s milk is now “Moo Juice”. How nasty is that?

  6. cisforcourtney says:

    Luke is addicted to…. ovaltine. haha., we buy the mix in bulk at costco!

  7. I looove chocolate milk!

    And good luck with those tan lines!!

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