Let the madness begin!


Alright folks, the madness has officially begun.

I’ve been packin’ like a champ, discussing with my interior designers (aka, my mom and sister.. seriously.. they’re pros), and furniture shopping (online) all week. Why? Because TOMORROW Weez and I go to pick up the keys to our new HOME! We’re moving in together on Monday!

There are no words in the English language to describe how excited we are.

But then I realize how sad it will be to move out of my current place, and seperate from my wonderful, wonderful roomie. I love my roomie, LJ, and we’ve had a blast the past 2 years living together. And her dog, Daisy? The cutest. So that is why I have mixed emotions. So sad to be moving away from LJ, so excited to be moving in with Weez!

I’ve waited for this day my whole life: making a home out of my own private apartment. Decorating it 100% the way we’ve dreamed, hanging personal things on the walls, dominating the kitchen with cooking appliances, simplifying the bedroom to make it inviting and cozy, and personalizing the common room.

Packing up and furniture shopping is overwhelming, but running gives me peace. I love getting up in the early morning to enjoy the hot summer air, and separate from the madness. I got 7 miles in on Tuesday, a 7.5 mile tempo on Wednesday, and a slow 6.5 miler today.

I’ll admit, this whole marathon training thing is starting to get too much, with all the hectic but exciting jam-packed weekends we have from here through the marathon. No joke, more than half the weekends between now and the marathon, I’ll be out of town/flying somewhere/in a different state and I’m worried I won’t get in the mileage that I need. Any advice?

We need to go for a 16 miler this weekend. The longest training run we’ve done so far is 13 because we only ran 10 miles out of last weekend’s 14 miler (toooooo hot in IL). We also need to somehow manage to get the 16 miles in before Weez’s BACHELOR PARTY starts at noon on Saturday. Oh boy… Weez is in for a wild Saturday, that’s for sure! I will not be partaking (obvi), I will be chillaxin’ at our new pool, sangria in hand.

How do you keep sane during crazy times? 
What are you up to this weekend?
Does marathon training overwhelm you when you’ve got a lot on your plate already? 


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  1. mallory says:

    That is sooooo exciting!! You will love living together — not every moment — but overall! Congrats!!

    As far as the traveling goes, that’s the best thing about running — all you need is your shoes (okay and your clothes, garmin, sunglasses, etc — but you get my drift!)

    When my schedule gets crazy I remind myself of WHY I am doing all this running and that usually helps. Also, take running books/mags on your travels to keep you pumped up!!! This is my first time training for a marathon and it is overwhelming. This weekend I will be attempting my first 14 miler, which will be my longest run EVER.

    This weekend I have a bday party for a friend and seeing Tim McGraw in concert! Woohoo!!

  2. Maggie says:

    Congratulations!!!!!! I am so happy for you guys!!! Once you guys get settled you’ll have to post some pics (I’m will soon post mine too, I promise :))

    As for keeping motivated, I am struggling wiht that myself, but what Mallory said above is sage advice. Whenever I flip through my Runners World or Women’s Running, I am so pumped to go for a run! You can do it, you’re a rockstar!

    This weekend I’m throwing my first cocktail party in my new house with some of my girlfriends! I just finished the food and drink menu…so excited!

    Good luck moving and have fun!!!!!!!!

  3. How do you keep sane during crazy times?
    – I don’t. I’m insane.

    What are you up to this weekend?
    – Insanity. 5K on Sat morning, soccer coaching clinic after that, then whatever my wife tells me until Monday morning.

    Does marathon training overwhelm you when you’ve got a lot on your plate already?
    – Yes. Big-time. This training cycle I’ve been in right now has been miserable. Life comes first and as long as you accept and remember that, you’ll be fine.

  4. Beth says:

    That’s so exciting! I hope the move goes well!

  5. Jessica T says:

    Congrats on moving in together!!! So exciting. :)

  6. nicole says:

    gahhh! congrats! thats so exciting! have fun!

  7. melon says:

    How do you keep sane during crazy times?
    -Usually call you, maybe break down crying, then it’s magically all better

    What are you up to this weekend?
    -running, grad party on my side, and family time with Diz’s side

    Does marathon training overwhelm you when you’ve got a lot on your plate already?
    -yes and no. A wise coach once told me, “Running might be your life, but life is not running.” So when it gets overwhelming, just remember the show will go on :)

  8. LauraJ says:

    You’d better come visit me and Daisy at least once a week for dinner dates!

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