After just under 17 hours of driving (including stops), we’ve finally made it to our destination in north/central Illinois! My cousin is getting married tomorrow and I can’t WAIT to see them and my extended family :)

The road trip wasn’t bad at all. It rained hard for a few hours, the midnight hours were a little hazy, and we stopped to sleep in the car for an hour at some random gas stop in who knows where. We passed a lot of smelly cow farms. We only had to fill up on gas 3 times (hooray for stellar fuel economy). I’m totally hopped up on caffiene right now. I need a shower like woah. And I am so looking forward to relaxing the rest of this evening, to gear up for the big wedding tomorrow!

Weez and I also got to see a few of our friends when we first arrived into Illinois this afternoon. Such a treat: not only getting to see family this weekend, but a few of my friends I rarely see anyhow because we live so far apart!

Let the family reunion begin! Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow!

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  1. mallory says:

    Hope the wedding was great!

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