Happy 4th of July!


My folks sent me this picture this morning, as the sun was rising over Lake Erie where they keep their sailboat. Le Sigh. How beautiful Ohio, the boats, and summer truly is :)

I love the 4th of July for two reasons: 1. my parents went on their very first date on the 4th of July during the summer of ’69, and that makes me smile. 2. the 4th always reminds me of sailing: the ocean or lake breeze, watching the fireworks off the bow of the boat. I love those memories and even though I haven’t been on the boat for 3 4th of Julys now (eek!), I’ll always feel like I’m there with my parents anytime I watch fireworks.

Have a beautiful evening, my friends. Enjoy those fireworks wherever you are… And thank you to all our military. We’re the land of the free, because of the brave.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. rand says:

    The fireworks never end…..:)

  2. Misszipy1 says:

    Erin–that’s a beautiful picture! And just think–your wedding will have a backdrop like that. Happy fourth to you!

  3. mallory says:

    What a beautiful picture!!! Happy 4th!

  4. Jessica says:

    Hope you had a wonderful fourth of July! What a great picture.

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