Live Blogging (aka, taste testing and simultaneous blogging)

I’m having a blast at the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference. We’ve heard a ton of speakers and I’ve learned way more than I thought possible, in fact, it’s been overwhelming at times. But I’ll share more about all that later. We just had the “live blogging” sesh and I wanted to get my blog post up ASAP :)

During our live blogging activity, we (bloggers) got to taste test, learn about, and review 8 different products. We only had 5 minutes (per product) to taste and create our review. Here’s what I learned and my 2-cents on each product:

Casa Noble Skinny Margarita

  • Their pitch: 100% organic. Agave nectar matured. Certified organic, so everything is uber pure. And that matters. Three ingredients: casa noble, agave nectar, and fresh lime. From Jalisco, Mexico. Our difference? Aged in French oak barrels. 48 calories per oz.
  • My 2-cents: My first thought: “I should have gone without the salt on the rim”… next thought: WOW. That’s one of the best margs I’ve ever tried. Surprisingly fresh and smooth. Not too sweet. Doesn’t bite the tongue the way some liquor does. I’d drink this again for sure.

Jovial Pasta

  • Their pitch: higher nutritional value of pasta. Good for vegans and veggies. High in fiber and protein. Five types of pasta noodles. Pasta holds sauce really nicely. Great for pasta salads (aka, won’t get soggy).
  • My 2-cents: Didn’t get to actually test/taste any, but the dry sample looks hearty and robust and I’m excited to try them out.
  • Their pitch: Tested over 100 recipes to make sure their bread tastes good, NOT like cardboard. High standard for ingredients, no artificial. Store in freezer because there are no preservatives. $5.99/loaf
  • My 2-cents: Mmmmmmmmmmm omnomnomnom. This bread tastes the opposite of cardboard. Tots moist and rich and hearty. Fantastic texture, I can taste the seeds.
  • Their pitch: air popped, not baked/not fried. “we’re the next generation of potato chips”. Healthier for you because we use no oil in popping process. 8 flavors. Nation-wide product. 100 calories per bag (.8 ounces).
  • My 2-cents: I’m totally pleasantly surprised. This stuff is GOOD. Kind of addicting. Super light and fluffy, crispy and crunchy. Satisfying to the max. I don’t feel guilty gorging myself with this product (which I did during the taste test sesh).
Recharge (Powder to add to water)
  • Their pitch: No artificial sugar added (sweetened with Truvia). 100 cals per powder stick. $3.99/box (8 sticks). Contains hydrating electrolytes.
  • My 2-cents: pretty light, a little sugary. Refreshing. It’s cool that they’re portable and you can just add them to water on the go. Pretty generic though, not sure I’d buy them on my own.
  • Their pitch: 15g protein per bar. Small company. Whey protein bar. Tastes more like a candy bar than protein bar. 1g of sugar per bar. $1.45/bar
  • My 2-cents (peanut butter chocolate flavor): Not chewy and chalky at all. It actually does taste like a peanut butter chocolate candy bar. The  chocolate coating is distinct from the peanut butter inside, which I really like. Yum. Yes. Seriously, give these guys a try, they’re great.
  • Their Pitch: started in 2003. 2-9 ingredients only. Diary/soy/gluten-free products. Vegan and veggie friendly.
  • My 2-cents: 110% love. I’ve been enjoying these bars for years, but it’s sweet that they gave us a bunch to try out at the taste-test. All their flavors are delish. My fav: Cherry Pie
  • Their pitch: organic foods. frozen fruits, veggies, granola, cereal, and granola bars.
  • My 2-cents: I love the cereal. Hearty and crunchy and satisfying. Great enjoyed dry or with milk.
Thanks to all the great companies who generously shared their products with us! 

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  1. Misszipy1 says:

    Great summary of all the products. This was a fun session!

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