List nine: things found in my bag right now


1. water bottle. because i used to be awful at staying hydrated, i’m over achieving now. i can’t go anywhere without one now and i feel guilty if i’m not working my way through one. kidney stones are not fun, peeps. trust me.

2. lanyard key chain. the lanyard says “dont worry, be happy… think Stowe”, i’ve had it for 9 years since our family ski vacay to Stowe VT, and i love it. so easy to find in a bag full of junk, too.

3. the best hand lotion in the entire world introduced to me by my bff

4. the perfect wristlet, also gifted to me by my bff. my fav accessory for the phone, IDs, cards, etc.

5. rockies tickets for next wednesday’s game. one word: stoked!

6. a random assortment of pens and pencils and markers. my bag tends to eat them, so i always keep more than 2, just in case. that, and i love sharpie fine point markers. 

7. ear buds. 

8. chapstick. i love me some chapstick. i may be addicted. there literally is not a bag, room, desk, pocket, jacket, etc that i don’t have chapstick in. 

quick! what are 8 things in your bag right now? 

nine down, three to go

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    LOVE me some Sharpie fine tip pens. Not the Sharpie pens, the fine tip markers. ;)

  2. nicole says:

    I love being a snoop and seeing what people carry in their purses!

  3. MissZippy1 says:

    My bag is such a mess, I probably can’t find much in there of value! But chapstick is a must at all times!

  4. Mebby says:

    Love the hand lotion! Did I get you that clutch too? If so, I really wish I’d have bought one for myself too! If not, I want a friend like that!

  5. Mallory says:

    Ooo I love this kind of thing. 8 things in my bag: journal/notebook, reusable shopping bag, ipod, chapstick, business cards, perfume, sunglasses, and water bottle.

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