One Week Out: Boston Plans :)


Last May when I qualified for Boston, I had no idea if I was going to know anyone also going (to run or cheer). I think it’s awesome that in the past year, I’ve gotten to know a bunch of great blogger friends, and I’m pumped to finally meet you. Because you know, that means we’re like, “official” friends right? We can’t be real friends till a.) we wander a huge, crowded marathon expo together or b.) we’ve shared at least one beer during the blogger happy hour.

*Gasp* I’m drinking beer before a marathon?! Chill bro, I’ll only have a couple. ‘Sides, it’s like carbo loading. That, and I don’t think 2 beers will negate 4 months of marathon training.

I’ll be pretty busy all weekend, but Saturday is the day I plan on soaking up the Boston blogger experience, as I’d like to call it. So here’s part of my Saturday (4/16) game plan:

1-4PM ish: The Expo… where I plan on buying a silly amount of Boston marathon apparel, taking a gazzilion many pictures, getting thoroughly lost, and hopefully meeting up with you! If you’re planning on going to the expo on Saturday, leave me a message or send me an email and we can make plans to meet up and find each other amongst the craziness.

5-7PM: Blogger Happy Hour… the one and only SUAR is hosting the event at the Champions Bar at the Marriott Hotel Copley. I’ll be there, so will about 30 other runner/blogger folk. Let me know if you’re planning on going! Big thanks to Morgan who put together a list of blogger events happening that weekend, feel free to check them out HERE and add yourself if you want!

And finally… Race Day dets: My bib number is 16167.

I’m in Wave 2 (starting at 10:20AM). I’ll be catching the 6:30-7AM provided buses to Hopkinton/the “athletes village” (as recommended). Anyone else in that wave? Anyone else catching the buses around that time?

To my family and friends that want to keep tabs on me during the marathon: I’m pretty sure you can track my status along the way on the official Boston Marathon website, found here:

If you have any questions about the blogger meet ups, how (if you’re interested at all) in tracking me, or where we can meet up to talk running/blogging/fun, feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you!

One week! Woohoo!

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  1. Sam F. says:

    Get there closer to 6 for the buses. Trust me on this one. By 6:30-7, the lines will be super long and you might not get up to Athletes Village until close to 8:30 or 9. There’s no joy in the “hurry up and wait” thing, but you’re better off getting up there earlier instead of later. Trust me on this one!

  2. Morgan says:

    Looking forward to seeing you there!!! Shoot me an email and I’ll give you my cell number so you can call/text when you get to the expo, I’ll be there around that time with a few other blog friends. :)

  3. Cannot wait to see you and cheer you on! Morgan and I are going to stake out our spot in front of Trader Joe’s and we’ll be there with bells on. Can’t wait!

  4. Pearl says:

    The marathon banners are up in the city!

  5. Beth says:

    Good luck! Beer is totally acceptable carbo loading. I know from experience. Have a GREAT time in Boston!!

  6. the dawn says:

    my number is 16100! so i’ll be right there with you, wave 2 corral 8 :). i’m so sad that i’m missing basically ALL of the meet ups because i’m not even getting there until sunday. we’re spending a few days with some friends in nyc before actually coming to boston….trying to squeeze everything out of this one little trip.

  7. I can’t wait to cheer you on!! I am going to try and attend the Champions meet up if I don’t go out of town. Good luck with your last week of training!!

  8. Nicole says:

    you must come back to michigan so i can meet you since i wont be in boston!

  9. sarah says:

    wooo hoooo!!! it’s finally THAT time!!!! I can’t wait. Danielle and I are going to be at mile 26.1, on your left across from copley plaza! We’ll have signs, you can’t miss us!!!:-) xoxo

  10. Mallory says:

    Woohoo!!! One week from today!! I drove through Boston yesterday and thought of all my blog friends who are running next Monday. You will have such a great experience!!! I am going to do my best to get up to the expo on Saturday. I will let you know later in the week!! I’d love to meet up!!

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