Girls Night Pot Luck

On Sunday night, a couple of my girl friends and I got together for a little girls night: pot luck style! We had such great conversation all night, which is one of the things I love most about these gals. Of course we laughed and goofed off about fun girly things, but we spent a lot of time talking about the real stuff. Serious stuff. Stuff that makes you think, and questions that stir deep conversation. I really appreciate that. I love these gals :)

Annnnyhoo, LJ made the most divine coconut chicken salad you could ever imagine. She found and followed the recipe from her friend(Shanon)’s blog: Food For Scot. Shanon is a heck of a chef and you seriously need to go check out her blog, right meow. Go, go do it now! Then come back and tell me which recipes you love/want to make!

Everything about the salad was heavenly: fried coconut breaded chicken, avocado, artichokes, tomatoes, cheese, red onion, croutons, almonds. The dijon/cream/dill/chive dressing was refreshing and flavorful. The raspberry sauce drizzled on top of the chicken = perfection.

Coconut Chicken Salad

You can find Shanon’s recipe for this succulent salad here: Coconut Chicken Salad.

Can you do me (well, Shanon and her hubby, Scot) a big big favor?? Can you please head over to her blog (Food For Scot), tell her I sent you, and VOTE for her?? She entered the Whole Foods Foodie Fantasy, and she could win a trip to Europe for her and her hubby! Seeing as I’m in love with all of her awesome recipes, I figured this is the least I can do to repay her. I really hope she wins! So please, it only takes a quick minute to Vote for Food For Scot!

Okay, back to the girls night pot luck…. After dinner, we enjoyed this incredible tiramisu cake that my friend, Cara, made. From scratch. NBD (no big deal). Why I haven’t hounded Cara for the recipe of this badboy yet, I’m not sure. This cake needs to be made again soon. Very soon.

Because no girls night is complete without a little mixed drink, I made Lavender Lemonade. Spiked with citrus vodka, of course. Super easy recipe:
1. Dissolve lavender vanilla sugar (3/4 c.) with 2 cups of boiling water (or, you can steep dried lavender flowers, then strain to remove them). Add the juice of 8 lemons. Add a hefty splash of citrus vodka. Top up with cold water (6 c.) and ice cubes.

And with that, the Girls Night Pot Luck was a great success. Mmmhmm! Now when are we going to have another??

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura Johnson says:

    ASAP. We should definitely get Shanon in on this too, to share her wisdom!

  2. leilovely17 says:

    Yummy! Wow, this looks delicious. I happened across your blog :)

  3. Shanon says:

    Hi Erin! What a wonderful blog you have! Thanks for the mad props. I have to say that Laura is really good at picking recipes because this is my all time favorite salad. Your girls night looks amazing! It is funny that today is my first day reading your running blog because I just randomly posted about my own personal experiences running. Haha, not quite the same as yours but running all the same. :)

  4. Nicole says:

    mmm :) I love girls nights!

  5. Mallory says:

    Ooo what fun!!! Sounds like a great time!

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