Downhill training


Thanks for all the great advice about the Boston Marathon! Seriously so helpful. You gave me lots of good stuff to think about. Why go at a new experience uncertain, when you could learn a few things from runners who’ve been there before you? That’s my take about asking for advice.

When I was getting my new running shoes at the Boulder Running Co last week, the lady who was helping me out said she’s running Boston too (word!), and that she’s run it a few times now. I asked her the same question I asked you guys, “what’s the biggest piece of advice you have?” (I love asking that question because everyone has different responses).

“Practice downhill running” she said. That makes sense… if my legs aren’t used to downhill running for a while, they could get trashed early on which would make for a miserable rest of the marathon.

Boston’s first 5 miles…

This morning’s 4 mile “downhill training” run…
Okay so maybe I didn’t find an all downhill training spot, but I tried! I ran to a spot that has a long gradual uphill, and did repeats in both directions. I took the ups fast, and the downs faster. The funny thing is that my legs felt totally fine on the up hill, but my legs felt trashed on the downhills. I can see why that lady suggested I practice some downhill running!

Maybe I’ll give this downhill training thing another go before April 18th.

In other news, I’m leaving tonight for a 16 hour road trip to Texas to (FINALLY!!!) visit my sister, b.i.l., and their new baby boy :) My brother, Weez, and I are driving together, so it’ll be a fun road trip. Tomorrow is also my brother’s birthday (love you bro!), so it’s going to be great celebrating it with him and our entire family together. Lovelovelove.

I’ll be running 14 miles this weekend in the warm, sunny TX heat. Ahhhh, I look forward to wearing shorts for a change! Can’t wait!


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  1. Sam F. says:

    That’s a great route you took … use that for 8-milers as an out-and-back and that will train you for the uphills and the downhills. The early downhills are quick, and you want to take some advantage of what they give you, but you will thrash yourself if you’re not used to it. I don’t go all-out, but last year I was running at about a 6:00 pace down them when I was aiming for 6:50ish for the race.

  2. Mallory says:

    Sounds like an awesome weekend! I hope you have so much fun!!! I <3 Texas!

  3. Nicole says:

    have a great weekend!!! cant wait to see pictures! drive safe!

  4. Keri says:

    Downhill training is important. I find it harder than running up hill. Have a great weekend! Sounds like a blast :)

  5. I think that is great advice about downhill training. I have not run the Boston Marathon, but I ran a 1/2 organized by BAA. The downhill portion is what killed me and ultimately led to a knee injury. Good luck and have fun this weekend!!

  6. the dawn says:

    yeah, boston, with all the hills has me terrified. luckily ALL of my training routes have pretty good up and down hills. i can’t believe its less than three weeks away! eeeee!

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