Cloud 18


(Taken after finishing the 18 miler… ps. I think my shadow looks really cool)
I’m so far above Cloud 9 right now, I’m on Cloud 18. For the 18 pain-free, upbeat, totally rockin’ trail miles we dominated this weekend.

1,800 ft of elevation gain in total. We ran an out and back, on my most fav trails in all of BoCo. And we even got to my favorite spot on my favorite trail. I call it the Jurassic Park spot. You’re running along, on this dirt road after running through back country-like trails for 8+ miles then BAM… you’re in a huge canyon, surrounded by epic cliff sides and greenery. I love Colorado.
Everything felt so good, the entire time. I’ve got my nutrition down pat. My clothing choice was almost perfect. I was well rested/hydrated. We had high spirits the entire time. Sure, I had the aches and stiff joints that come along with running for 2.5+ hours, but nothing painful.
And I am IN LOVE with my new shoes. They’re amazing and I love them. Brooks Women’s Defyance. Not too neutral, not too much stability. Just right.

Brooks Defyance

My orthotics didn’t give me blisters, my knee didn’t hurt at all (I’ll be honest… I was nervous about that), and everything went smoothly.
Things went so smoothly, that I decided to bust out 3 of the fastest miles I’ve ever run during a long run for the last 3 miles of this 18er. And they felt solid. As in, I could keep that pace for another 8.2 to round out 26.2.

Talk about the huge confidence booster that I really needed. Man, I was nervous going into this long run. I was scared my knee injury would flare back up. I was scared my arch blisters were going to get the best of me (esspecially in my new shoes). I was scared it would hurt really bad. But it didn’t. The stars aligned. My body was happy.

And I am beyond thankful. Thank you knee, thank you so much for letting me get to this point in my training. I’m so, so thankful. And so very, wildly excited for Boston :)

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    That elevation looks INSANE, and insanely awesome. I love trail runs!

  2. Sam F. says:

    Nice run, especially at that elevation! Looks like it’s starting to come together, just in time!

  3. Mallory says:

    Great job on the 18! I’m glad that it went so well for you!!

  4. rand says:

    Way to go Erin.

  5. Maggie says:

    Congrats on an awesome 18er! You’re ready for Boston!!

  6. nicole says:

    great job friend! your awesome!

  7. Keri says:

    oh my gosh, look at that elevation! Crazy! Love that pic of you in the beginning!

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