On my way to Ohio to see about a dress :)


I think I’m going to sleep the entire flight home to Ohio tonight. I need a nap like woah.

Between the 17 miler yesterday and the 3400 yrds at masters swim this morning, my body is SORE. My shoulders are sore from the speed work, my legs are achy from the 17 miles. I am soooo chillaxin’ in my parents’ hot tub when I get in. Glass of wine in hand? Yes please.

I’m wildly excited for this weekend :) Dress shopping on Saturday, meeting with the florist and wedding planner at our ceremony and reception location on Sunday. All the while, spending time with my dad and mom. Love them.

My brother asked me a legit question last night. He asked me why I’m flying all the way across the country to go wedding dress shopping at a place I’ll have to fly back to for alterations. The answer is simple, really: I want to see the look on my dad’s face when he sees his youngest daughter in a wedding dress. And I want to ask my mom for tissues when we both get choked up. I want them there with me when we find ‘the one’. This isn’t a decision I can just make on my own! I need them!

I’m going to try and squeeze a run in over the weekend while I’m home, but we’ll see. I need to go running shoe shopping at some point soon, too, before my 18 miler next weekend. Lots to keep busy with! Should be a great weekend!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. MissZippy1 says:

    Awww…great reason to make a big trip like that! Enjoy your weekend and rest up!

  2. Awwh, so happy for you!! And yes, you HAVE to do that with your family. Have a great time!

  3. nicole says:

    I wish you were gonna be here long enough to see me!!!!!!

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