17 Miles with my Rock Star


Phew. 17 miles this morning before work = done and done! It was challenging physically. Did I feel good? Most of the time. Do I think I can run 26.2 miles on April 18? My confidence is growing. My body still needs another 18 and 20 miler before I know I’ll be good to go.

It had been a loooooooong time (since the Cleveland marathon last May) since I’ve run for that long.

I forgot about all the weird stuff that happen to your body. The stuff no one ever thinks about: how your feet start to hurt/throb. And how the inside of your bones just groan at you. How basic things like lifting your feet up gets harder and harder once you reach a certain point. And how dry your mouth gets and even though you know you should be drinking your electrolyte drink instead, you go for the water because the thought of sugar grosses you out. How even though you’ve been running for 2+ hours, you just aren’t hungry but you know you probably gotta eat something or things will get worse physically. And how amazing it feels when you can finally say “okay, body, we can stop now” when the mileage clicks over on your GPS watch and you know you’re done. The pride. The confidence. The spring in your step the rest of the day :)

I’ve been so wildly lucky to have the most amazing man in my life, also be my always-there-next-to-me sidekick running buddy. He’s not running Boston, hell, he doesn’t even have a marathon on his radar this year, but he’s training with me so I don’t have to go at it alone. That takes a whole lot of motivation and heart. He’s so good to/for me. I’m so lucky to have him in my life.

He had a bit of a rough run today. He told me it was feeling tough by mile 4. But you know what? He didn’t stop. He ran every step of 17 miles today. I’m beyond impressed. Weez, you are my Rock Star. And I can’t tell you how much it means that you’re training with me.

I just wish you could be there with me when I head to Boston in April. You’ll be with me in spirit, every single step of the way.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Morgan says:

    You are a rockstar!!! Congrats chica!!!

    And I know exactly how you feel, it’s how I felt when I ran my 18 miler last weekend. You’ve got this and Boston doesn’t know what’s coming!!!

  2. Maggie says:

    Congrats on an awesome long run!! You’re ready my dear :) That’s so cool Weez trains with you, even when it’s tough…what a good fiance!

  3. Nicole says:

    way to go gf!!! :) your a rockstar baby!

  4. Mallory says:

    I think it’s awesome that he ran that with you! How awesome!!!

  5. Beth says:

    Wow, nice run! I can’t believe you did that all before going to work for the day.

  6. Ben Mordecai says:

    You’ll definitely be able to handle 26.2 miles. Have you tried those energy beans? Might be a good option when the though of drinking sugar makes you sick

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