Running Across the Golden Gate!!!


I’m back, peeps! I got hit pretty darn hard with a vicious cold on Saturday (which made traveling a little rough), but I’m on the up swing and looking back at my pictures/videos from SF make me so happy :) I had THE best time. Thank you a million times for having me, Niki and Pat — I love you guys!

I saw, ate, did soooo many incredible things while I was there I could write a book. But I’ll start with the running: On Saturday morning, Niki and I went for a 15 mile long run (Niki is a champ, btw) and we ran across the Golden Gate Bridge! Twice! I was in heaven, it was beyond cool.

We ran along the waterfront on our way there, and poor Niki I made her stop and take pictures with me every 3 minutes…
Do you see that beautiful red bridge behind us?! We ran to it! Getting closer…
I was so excited when we got there. I’m sure a ton of you have run across the bridge before, but I hadn’t and I couldn’t believe how huge and bright red/orange is was. It was so cool to run. And we had the most gorgeous weather.
I’m a huge dork (no surprise) and made this video while we were running across. You might wanna turn down your sound because I’m literally freaking out/screaming like a 12 year old girl. I apologize.

After we crossed, we went to this perfect look out point to stop, drink some water, and look back at what we accomplished.
Since we were only about 5 miles in at this point, we kept on runnin’ towards Sausalito. That town is ridiculous gorgeous it’s almost unreal. Gorgeous, colorful homes built into the rolling bright green hillside. I swear, CA has the greenest grass I’ve ever seen.
We stopped after ~7.5 miles to drink some more water, eat a Gu, and hug palm trees (ok, maybe that was just me).
Then we turned around and ran back. Running from Sausalito back UP to the GB bridge is no joke, dude. SF’s got some serious hills. We trucked our way back up to the bridge and I once again got to look out towards Alcatraz, the Pacific Ocean, and the surrounding green hills.

I can’t believe I can now say I’ve run across the Golden Gate Bridge! (It was one of my 25 before 25s!) With my best friend too :)

We enjoyed the rest of our 15 miler with style, stopping to take pictures and take in the whole morning. It was amazing. And the cherry on top of a 15 mile long with my best friend? Running directly (literally) to an In N’ Out Burger!!!
I’m not a hamburger eater, but In N’ Out makes the most delish “grilled cheese” (patty-less) burgers. And their fries?! Mmmm. Sam always posts pictures of his In N’ Out and it makes me so jealous that he can eat there whenever he wants. This place is the bomb.

Thanks again for the run, Niki :) ILY girl!

All of this amazingness before NOON on my first full day in San Francisco! Stay tuned for the rest of the trip, recapped hopefully tomorrow. I also have a product review that I want to post this week, so I’ve got a lot to catch up on!

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Mallory says:

    What an awesome trip! I’ve never been to SF but I hear it’s beautiful! I definitely want to run on the GGB someday too! How cool!

  2. Morgan says:

    Sooooooo awesome!!! I will never forget my walk over the bridge, if only I’d have thought then to run it! So beautiful!!! Glad you are on the upswing of that cold!!!

  3. the dawn says:

    wow, what a perfect day to run the bridge! the only time i’ve ever been out there its so foggy that i can’t ever see at least half of it. so BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. Thank GAWD you went to In N Out. It’s my favorite thing ever. loooove.

    You know what? I grew up in California and have never run across the Golden Gate Bridge myself. Hm. Will have to change that.

    Also, I LOVE Sausalito, LOVE!

  5. nicole says:

    SO much fun!! :) Im jealous of your run! I hope to make it out there this summer!

  6. Beth says:

    That was a beautiful run! I love SF!

  7. Wow I am So jealous!! That run looks amazing. I did not get a chance to run across the bridge while I was there, but your pics sure make me wish I did!!

  8. That looks SO fun!! I’m glad you captured the moment with videos!
    And it looks like such a great day to run too!

  9. Maggie says:

    That’s AWESOME!!!! What a gorgeous day to run across the birdge too! Love the pictures and the video!!!

  10. sarah says:

    sooo jealous. a. you ran the golden gate and b. you went to in n out. we dont have such things here in maine…boooo!!! um…btw– boston is right around the corner!! WOOOOT WOOOTTT!!!!!

  11. melon says:

    In N Out Burger is the best. Period. Your legs also look ridiculously long. And you and Niki look wonderful as well :)


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