Bring on Magnolia.


I’m really loving this whole ‘running to masters swim’ thing. I did it again this morning and loved every second of it. Ran 2.5 miles to the pool, swam 3400 yards, then ran 2.5 miles home = heavenly.

Swimming and running gives me such an endorphin kick in the morning. I come home feeling like I’m on cloud 9. I also feel slightly less guilty about the entire box of Girl Scout cookies I’m going to annihilate with lunch.

My legs feel so great these days. I feel strong and healthy, which is perfect for this time in my Boston marathon training. My long run jumps up to 14 miles this weekend. I feel ready and confident. My knee isn’t showing any signs of distress, my quads feel stronger than ever with all the mountain-long runs I’ve been doing, and my nutrition feels just right. For the first time in so, so many months, I feel like a well oiled machine. A fit distance runner.

I’m running Magnolia this weekend. The trails are dry, my mind is set, my legs are ready. Bring it on, dude.

Tonight’s “Running Wild” seminar will surely provide some solid inspiration, no doubt. Chris McDougall,Anton Krupicka, and Scott Jurek are hosting a panel discussion about distance running. I’ve never had the guts to speak up in a large crowd before, but I want to participate in the Q&As. These guys are some of my running idols. I hope they stick around afterwards to sign autographs! And how cool would it be to get a picture with one of them?!

Do you guys have any questions you’d like me to ask??

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sam F. says:

    Ask Chris McDougall if he was cocky before he wrote the book or just after. I’m dying to know! :P

  2. nicole says:

    REmind me to wake up EARLY for a good run sesh tomorrow am.. PLEASE! :) happy weekend

  3. Mallory says:

    How was the seminar?? How was your run? That’s great that you are feeling so good. Definitely boosts the confidence!

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