A gorgeous 45 min run, chocolate cake, and Bill Nye


Went for a 45 minute run this morning with my 3 favorite running buddies: Weez, roommate LJ, and LJ’s black lab Daisy. It’s been ages since LJ and I have run together… ohh how I’ve missed it! Thanks for the run this morning, roomie! The weather was so perfect, I’m really glad it’s warmed up this week. I hope the trails stay nice and dry for this weekend’s 14 mile long run!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s day! What’d you do? Did you go out for dinner, or stay in and cook? We stayed in last night and made the most delicious 3 course meal. He surprised me with chocolate cake with pink frosting, and I could have eaten the entire thing. I may or may not have had some for breakfast also. Mmmm.

Tonight, I’m going to see BILL NYE speak here on campus. I know you’re jealous. He’s the MAN. He reminds me of my youth. I loved his show. My dad got interested in science when I was a little girl (I loved going to his work and touring the labs on the “take your child to work days”)… but Bill Freakin’ Nye gets a little credit too.

A quick YouTube search yields of ton of great clips from his show… I dig this one because he’s road biking (that man is in SHAPE) and talking about space/planets. That, and he’s wearing an awesome helmet. Go Bill Nye!

I wonder what science he’ll blow our minds with tonight?! :)

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  1. nicole says:

    have fun seeing bill nye! i remember watching him on saturday mornings when i was little!

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