12 miler


It was a good thing I decided to do my long run on Saturday, because we got dumped on on Sunday. It’s a beautiful, white winter wonderland out here. Makes for cold toes and chapped lips, but I love how quiet everything sounds when the city is covered in snow.

Anyhoo, my long run went great. The miles FLEW by. I had the company of two friends, the weather was just right, and we certainly challenged ourselves. Aw, my poor friend Ali, she asked us if she could run with us this Saturday and of course I take her on the most mountainous trail run I could think of. Ha. This is our profile (having a GPS watch is so fun):
Ooof! Half mile warm up, then up up UP we went! Ran 1700 ft of elevation in total. It was a real heart pounder, but we never walked. I thought my legs would be more crazy sore on Sunday than they were, but they weren’t at all. I guess that’s a good thing!

This morning during masters swim, we swam a total of 3600 yrds. It was a speed work kind of day. One of our sets was “40 x 25” at various breathing drills/speeds, and that alone really rocked my arms. My shoulders are definitely sore but I was happy to be back in the pool after last week’s break when I was sick.

I hear it’s suppose to snow again tonight, so that means I might have to hit up the rec center’s indoor track for tomorrow’s tempo workout. Oh joy!

How was your weekend? Are you as happy as I am that the Packers won? :)

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  1. Mallory says:

    That’s so cool that you have an indoor track where you can run. I am stuck on the treadmill. We had a bit of a warm up this weekend but I think they’re calling for a storm later in the week. Who knows. Great job on the 12 mile run! I had a great weekend and I am also happy that the Packers won!

  2. Jodi Higgins says:

    Great job on your 12 miler! Quite the impressive terrain there! Running on the indoor track isn’t so bad! I usually run on the indoor track twice a week at 5 AM in order to fit my run in with my kiddos and my work schedule! The most laps I have run so far has been 91 (13 laps to the mile) and it wasn’t too bad at all!!

  3. nicole says:

    Nice run lady!!! :) THat is an insane up hill!!! :) I had 12 this weekend too but skipped due to my awful cold… gonna try running again tomorrow!

  4. the dawn says:

    dude! those hills in boston will not even phase you one little bit!!! at least with the mountains that you’re climbing :)

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