Someone grabbed my foot


Thanks for all the great tips about my serious (arch) blister situation, you guys. Sounds like some sort of goo-like substance (Body Glide or Vaseline) might be a great way to go for now. I’ll definitely give that a go tomorrow morning when I head out for my 5 miler…. just to clarify… I should still wear socks, right? Goo on arch-area, sock over foot, foot in shoe? (pardon my silly questions)

I’m also thinking about getting new shoes, but let’s be real, running shoes are pricey. I could feed myself for 3 weeks for the price of one pair of running shoes. It’s a sad story we runners have to face. But really, I shouldn’t complain. Our sport is so inexpensive in the grand scheme of things. Especially compared to something like triathlons or golfing.

This mornings masters swim class went better than Monday’s. I swam 3800 yrds in total. Wednesdays are “technique” days, so we did all sorts of drill/non-free style stuff. The pool was a bit more crowded today than usual, so I had to do something I’ve never done before: circular swimming. Circular swimming is what has to happen when 3+ people share a lane. Instead of sticking to my half of the lane (like I usually do), my 2 other lane mates and I had to swim down on the right, back on the left. Like a big ol’ circle.

We spaced ourselves apart pretty well, so we weren’t swimming on top of each other. But since we were doing all sorts of crazy butterfly/breast stroke/back stroke drills, legs and hands were flying all over the place. I’m pretty sure I kicked a girl in the hand. Someone grabbed my foot. I ran into the lane divider more than once. I laughed a lot. It was a fun challenge.

Thanks again for all the suggestions about blisters… I’ll let you know how they help tomorrow!


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  1. Mallory says:

    No such thing as silly questions! Yes, still wear socks. It should help out a lot and it will heal up the skin nicely. I hope it helps you out. If I stop doing it for a while and get another blister in the same spot, I’ll put the Aquaphor on when I wear regular socks too.

  2. Marcia says:

    Yes definitely put a sock over the goop. : )

  3. nicole says:

    Go to a running store where you can try out the shoes for a few runs & if they work, keep em… if not, take them back and try again! thats the only places i get my running shoes at! my feet dont know what they like until after a few weeks of running!

    also yes socks are necessary! :)

  4. the dawn says:

    sounds fun! foot grabbing and all :) that’s a good way to get to know all your classmates for sure.

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