I have a blister situation


and it’s getting worse.

My orthotics have given me the gift of pain-free running so I’m not planning on taking them out of my running shoes anytime soon, but they’ve recently started rubbing pretty bad on my arches. Both arches. A lot. Nasty blisters that won’t go away. Even with taking days off between runs.

I went to my physical therapist so he could take a look at my orthotics and make adjustments, hoping they’d stop rubbing… but it hasn’t helped. He gave me moleskin to wear around the blisters to protect them… but it hasn’t helped much.

I’m beyond thankful that I can run without ITB pain again, but these orthotics are tearing up my feet. And as my long runs keep creeping up in mileage, I have a slight concern that this blister situation will get worse. Moleskin is a decent quick fix, but not a long term solution…

Does anyone have any tips/tricks that you could suggest? Help!

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  1. Sam F. says:

    Well, I got to the point that I didn’t much care about blisters and I just ran through them. They hurt, I moved on. BUT, I think you could give Body Glide a try. You’re getting the blisters because your feet are rubbing too much in the wrong way. Body Glide might not solve your problem, but it’s worth a shot.

  2. Morgan says:

    Have you tried using Body Glide? I got horrible arch blisters during a Half and have religiously lubed up since. To date I have never gotten another blister there again. For short term relief you might also want to try Blist-O-Ban: http://www.sammedical.com/blistoban.html
    Spike got a NASTY blister over the summer and someone suggested he try them out and he said they were worth every penny and uses them anytime he ends up with a bad one. It helps heal and protect. Good luck!

  3. I usually run through them, but these are getting pretty big/deep that it causes me to limp sometimes (eek!). I’ll definitely look into Body Glide and Blist-O-Ban! Good call guys, thanks!

  4. Jodi Higgins says:

    This is quite the timely post as I developed a blood blister during my long run on Sunday. When at dinner at the in-laws that evening my sister-in-law told me to buy clearasil (yes, the white zit cream for your face) and put a band-aid on it and give it 24-48 hours. I kid you not, yesterday morning it was reduced by at lest 75%. This morning I woke up to no blister at go. Weird, I know but hey it worked for me!! I also have an employee that is an avid hiker and they swear by rubbing Vick’s on their feet before a hike to prevent blisters! Good luck!!

  5. Katie says:

    If you get any let me know… My feet are open sores and just raw :(

  6. Mallory says:

    Ugh I hate getting blisters!! I use Aquaphor on my arches and a few other hotspots that like to act up. It seems to help a lot. Good luck!

  7. Marcia says:

    Bummer! I agree with the others: body glide, injinji toe socks, bandaids, I hope something helps you or you can grow some nice calluses.

  8. the dawn says:

    maybe new shoes? i i was getting perpetual blisters because of my stride. your stride might be altered slightly with the inserts…just a suggestion.

    and i always drain my blisters. the painful ones are usually under a lot of pressure. i make sure to sanitize everything, drain, and then use a lot of neosporin.

  9. nicole says:

    Vasceline? That is a little thicker than body glide. Could it be your shoes? Or is it just from your orthotics?? im sorry! i would wear second skin. Do you have the blue goobers to put on them? If not email me and ill try to explain it better!

  10. Holly says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog today; but as a runner & running coach, thought I’d weigh in on the blister situation:

    1. Drain it. Sterilize a needle, puncture juuuuust at the edge of the blister, where it meets the unblistered skin, and drain it. Don’t remove the skin on top – that’s asking for a raw, painful mess. Just add a bit of Neosporin over the needle prick site and let it be. Often, some of the skin will re-adhere, at least for a little while. Ultimately, that skin will come off, but hopefully only after the skin underneath has hardened & thickened a bit. To that end, I try to sleep without socks and go barefoot while at home to dry it out as much as possible before the protective outer skin dies & peels off.

    2. Body Glide. The $10-12 investment is >>>> than Vaseline in my opinion. Also, won’t leave your socks & sneakers all greasy.

    3. What kind of socks are you wearing? If they’re cotton, they’ll absorb moisture and are much more likely to cause blisters. Try a synthetic or blended sock (also expensive, although not NEARLY as expensive as sneakers!) to see if that helps. Make sure it fits snugly, without any excess fabric in your shoe to rub and further irritate your foot.

    Good luck!

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