Swimming fast is hard.


Probably my favorite part of the weekend…

Raji is my homeboy. Did you know he’s only 24? Yeah… blows my mind. Anyways. I’m stoked to see the Packers heading to the Super Bowl!

Aside from kickin’ it on the couch for an enjoyable evening of football-watching, my weekend was a ton of fun and active (always my fav). But I’m exhausted and sore all over today. I’ve even got this sweet, gigantic bruise on my knee. A battle scar from skiing. Score.

Saturday. A relatively uneventful, (short) long run was on tap. 6.5 miles, nothing too crazy, but I’m thankful the miles didn’t seem like a big deal. I’m excited for next weekend’s 11 miler (double digits, baby!).

Sunday. 3 friends and I drove up to the mountains for a half day of skiing. Even though the mountain hadn’t gotten a lot of new snow, we had a blast. Weez and I dominated some blues and blacks for a while (so proud of him, Mr. This Was Only My 5th Time Skiing Ever), before I took off to hit up some glades (powdery, tree fun). It was hard. My jump turns are kinda weak these days… something I know I need to work on. After sufficiently burning out my quads, I managed to slide-out on an icy groomer, leaving me with a lovely black and blue baseball sized bruise on my knee. Super hott.

This morning was masters swim. I love the class but I’ll be honest, today felt like crap. We did 3800 yrds in total. 1000 of which were speed sets (50yrds, all out). I’m slow. Like, the 2nd-to-last-person-out-of-the-pool slow. I’m not disappointed (in fact, I’m proud that a runner like me has the guts to get in the pool to try and keep up with those folks), but I really look forward to watching an improvement (I hope). Coach E told me it’ll get easier. I hope she’s right, because today was a big mental challenge for me. I struggled.

I can’t wait to run tomorrow… Swimming makes me appreciate how much I love running on land. Especially after mornings like today.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. the dawn says:

    i’m pretty sure it should be titled “swimming at ALL is hard!” at least for me :) i’m so proud of you for taking this class. it’s really the smartest thing to do! with your knee and such…you’re improving your endurance without making your knee flare up again.

  2. MissZippy1 says:

    Yeah, it’s funny..you can feel like a decent swimmer until you get into the pool with people who have been at it for all their lives. They’re good. Really good! But you can probably kick their arses on land, right? ; )

  3. Shutupandrun says:

    Dang, 3800 yards. I did 2500 and thought I was hot shit. Guess I need to think again.

  4. nicole says:

    Between you and I— i often think of taking up swimming… then i get scared and want to cry! LOL

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