Show Down with a Cow, Part 2


Okay, seriously what is it with my 9 milers and cows?! The last time my long run was 9 miles (when I was training for Cleveland), I had a little showdown with a cow. You can read about it here.

So yeah, I had another encounter with a herd of cows on Sunday during my 9 mile long run. And I was on a different trail this time, too! Anyways, it wasn’t quite as traumatic as last time, but I definitely had to stop and assess whether I wanted to keep running that direction or just turn around. You’d be proud, I faced my fear and slowly snuck by the big guy. But of course when I turned around after 4.5 miles, even more cows were back on the trail again. The cows didn’t seem too interested in me, so they wandered off the trail much to my relief. I managed to snap a camera phone picture for your viewing pleasure.
The great news (not that surviving another run-in with a cow isn’t a total victory in my book) is that the 9 miles felt fantastic. I had fun music to listen to, my legs felt fresh, and the weather was pleasant. I found myself smiling many times during the run; happy to be healthy again, happy to be running.

I know I’m getting way ahead of myself here, but it was fun just imaging running down Boylston Street. The spectators. The sounds. The experience…

91 more days!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. iampotassium says:

    Ha! Those crazy cows! I had to admit, I think I would be pretty freaked out running past them too…

  2. rand says:

    When you have a cow showdown, don’t slowdown just start mooo.ving. lol

    1. Aaaaahaha, that’s pretty clever, dad :P

  3. Jodi Higgins says:

    Okay at rand…too funny!
    Great job out there girl! Way to face the cow head on!! You are going to rock Boston!!

  4. That is SO funny that you saw cows along your run. I don’t think I have ever encountered any animals along mine (maybe a rat or two…). Anyways can’t wait to cheer you on in Boston!!

  5. nicole says:

    If you shoot me an email, i’ll share pics of my dress with you! :) I’m just so scatter brained right now i cant even remember what day it is! :)

  6. Mallory says:

    Haha I can’t picture running into a cow on one of my runs!! That’s too funny!!

  7. the dawn says:

    the only cows i’ve ever seen whilst running were laying in the sun mooing. not sure what i’d do if they were up, moving around, and getting in my way…

    i do have the occasional run in with a herd (?) of turkeys. but they move along pretty quick.

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