2010; A Recap in Pictures

Ahhh, a time for reflection on yet another year that’s flown by. Life in 2010 in words? Challenging, rewarding, liberating, solidifying, surprising, beautiful. Academic stresses and challenges that yielded tears and rewards; physical challenges that beat me up and have left me struggling through injury but gave me a BQ; trips to visit friends; trips to visit family. I’m lucky as hell that 2010 was as wonderful as it was. Cheers to good health and good memories!

Without further ado, a few pictures to recap 2010…

Family Reunion #1 at Cousin Alex's Wedding; Jan 2010
Family Ski Trip in Vail for b.i.l. Greg's R&R; Feb 2010
Family Reunion #2 at Cousin Steve's Wedding; Mar 2010
Celebrated when I passed my oral qualifying (grad school) exam; Apr 2010
A Weekend trip to Boston to visit friends; Apr 2010
BQing at the Cleveland Marathon; May 2010
Ski to Sea in Bellingham, WA; May 2010
Hiking Grays (14,270ft) and Torreys (14,267ft); June 2010
Camping with my BFF and her fiance when they came to visit CO; June 2010
Riding with my dad across part of OH during his journey across the US; July 2010
Camping/Hiking Rocky Mtn. National Park; July 2010
VEGAS!!; Aug 2010
Attended my first CU home football game; Sept 2010
A trip to New York for a friend’s wedding; Oct 2010
My parents came to CO for Thanksgiving; Nov 2010
Christmas Break filled with family traditions & catching up with old friends; Dec 2010

2010, you’ve really outdone yourself. I couldn’t be more lucky to have such fantastic people in my life, good health, and work that challenges me. With the joy of my sister and b.i.l.’s baby due in March, a few weekend trips already booked (San Fran and Boston), a marathon, adventure race, and one (or two :)) triathlons on the way, I have a sneaky suspicion that 2011 will totally, totally rock.

Happy New Year, everyone! See ya on the flip side!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mallory says:

    Looks like you had a great year!!!

  2. nicole says:

    Wow 2010 was a great year for you!!!!! I hope 2011 is full of as many memories and joyful events!!!!

  3. the dawn says:

    so, i’m pretty sure that the red dress you were wearing to one of the weddings is the same as the dresses my bridesmaids wore! super cute!!

    love the pictures. oh…and i LOVED colorado! didn’t run the 5k, instead we went into the mountains and went hiking. it was fabulous. hope your travels were safe and fun!!

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