“Yeah, you looked pretty beat”


… a comment from my loving bf after having watched me during masters swim this morning, while he was working out across the glass windows.

It’s true. I got my arms dominated this morning in the pool. Coach E is a badass, but I swear she creates devil workouts. Or maybe it’s just because it’s my second time going to masters swim. Regardless, today’s 90 min swim sesh was a real doosie.
– 600 yrd WU (200 free, 200 kick, 200 pull)
– 40 (yes, FORTY) 25s, pretty much all out with 1-5 secs rest (I thought I was going to drown starting on #18) (this workout was almost as mentally tough as it was physically tough for me)
– 6 50s (2 butterfly, 2 backstroke, 2 breaststroke)
– 20 50s (quick), with 5 seconds rest
– 200 cool down

I started fading hard somewhere during those gazzilion 25s, but I tried keeping my form somewhat together. A lot of the other masters swimmers are quite speedy so I learned rather quickly that it’s okay to fall behind a little bit, take an extra 5 seconds rest, but hang in there and get your workout done. I stuck with it. I’m proud of me for giving my all the entire time.

Not only is the coach great, but the other folks that swim are super nice. The gal I shared my lane with was really friendly from the moment she hopped in the pool and the other swimmers in lanes near me were helpful when I couldn’t decode the workouts on the board. I’m looking forward to swimming with them all when masters swim starts back up again in Jan :)

Till then, for the next 3 weeks I can focus on up’ing my mileage (woah, we’re 18 weeks out from Boston now, eek!) and staying injury free. And eating a ton of Christmas cookies.  And spending quality time with family. And looking forward to the New Year.

Christmas break in t-minus 5 days!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicole says:

    I love compliments like that! :-)

  2. Mallory says:

    Obviously he meant it in a loving way!!! :)

  3. And this is why I don’t swim. I wish I could bring myself to do it though, such a hardcore workout!

    And I’ve eaten my weight in iced sugar cookies since Sunday. AWESOME.

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