Sweet lord my arms are like jello


I found out last week from my tri-buddy, Will, that the masters swim class would be free to “try out” on Monday and Wednesday of this week. So despite how much fun I was having aqua jogging last week – and knowing that I’d eventually have to get back into lap swimming – I gave it a go this morning! I had no idea what to expect…

AN HOUR AND A HALF A SWIMMING. That coach wasn’t messin’ around! If I can remember probably this is what we did:
– 20 minute WU
– 3 100s (build-ups), 2 100s (any stroke), 100 kick, 100 pull…. x 2
– 16 50s (various speed and breathing drills)
– 200 cool down

It. was. incredible. Having the coach guide us along, telling us what we should do, was seriously motivating. It was also fun knowing that other folks in the pool were doing the same workout as you and it was nice to have a friend there. Will and I shared a lane and I successfully managed to not kick him in the face, win!

I’m glad Will encouraged me to go (thanks dude!) and I’m lookin’ forward to going again on Wednesday. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll consider registering for the semester-long class in the spring :)

Now, I gotta get me some coffee…

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  1. the dawn says:

    that’s so awesome. i always feel like i wouldn’t know what to do if i went to the pool. so it would be nice to have someone around to coach me through. although i had no idea what any of those moves are…so i’m pretty sure i would embarrass myself.

  2. Mallory says:

    Oh geez! I bet you can hardly lift your arms!!! Glad you’re enjoying it though!

  3. nicole says:

    swimming is NO joke… i did one full lap and died! mad props you way for not drowning! :) keep it up!

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