Roller coaster


Still cautious about over doing it with my knee, I decided to go aqua-jogging yesterday. (I’m still on the run-every-other-day plan). 30 minutes of running in the pool at 6:30am isn’t the most fun of times, but hey, it felt good to get the heart rate going. Better than sitting on my butt! I’m considering aqua-jogging as my cross training once I start uping my mileage, to maintain my fitness but minimize impact on my knee.

Then this morning – having felt pretty optimistic about Tuesday’s 26 minute pain free run, I decided to increase my distance by another 20%. So I ran 31 whole minutes without even an inkling of pain in my knee! WIN!

Though it feels like a roller coaster (no pain one week, pain the next), I’ll take this mini victory. Man… 31 minutes… *happy sigh* I haven’t run 31 minutes straight since May. I actually had to run loops around my fav trails, instead of the out-and-back I had been doing. And? I even got to listen to most of the entire T. Swizzle CD before I made it home (you belongggg with mmeeeeee).

I’ll be taking tomorrow off from land running, so I’ll probably hop in the pool for another 30 min aqua jog sesh. If this week ends well (running-wise), I can move on up to 37 minutes next week. Then 45 the next. Which is practically back to the “normal” run distance I was doing before this whole injury debacle!

Now I’m off to stuff my face with delicious cheeses and fruits… Cheers to the department holiday party!

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  1. Nora says:

    Power to you I remember having to aqua jog when I suffered a stress fracture in my femur. It takes dedication to hop into that pool and do that.

  2. Nicole says:

    Good luck with aqua jogging! We can go through this together!!!

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