List five: things I’m so looking forward to over Christmas break


1. Rocking out to good car tunes while road tripping from CO to MI to OH
3. Seeing my best friend, while passing through IL
3. Photographing my b.i.l., sister, and her baby bump
4. Spending 3 days with his family
5. Him spending 3 days with mine
6. Our parents meeting for the first time
7. Decorating the tree, then stepping back to squint and appreciate all the fuzzy colors
8. How good the house always smells, especially when my mom lights the ol’ rocker or my brother is baking something
7. Reading The Night Before Christmas, for the 24th time
8. Sharing eggnog with my dad
9. Cuddling on the couch with the dogs
10. Giving thanks
11. Spending the New Years with my college friends, many of whom I haven’t seen since Sept 2009
12. Relaxing in our hot tub, cold beer in hand

(five down, seven to go)

6 Comments Add yours

  1. the dawn says:

    what a perfect christmas! sounds so amazing! i still can’t believe that when i leave michigan you come…and when i’m in colorado you’re gone…some day we’ll work it out :)

    or we’ll see each other in Boston!

  2. MissZippy1 says:

    They all sound great, but number 12 in particular sounds fantastic! Enjoy it all.

  3. Kirstie says:

    I agree with MissZippy, all sound good but #12 sounds amazing! Enjoy!

  4. rand says:

    Maybe add building a gingerbread house with Grandma. The construction material (all great tasting) are already on the counter and waiting! D

    1. You know how much I loved making the gingerbread house with grandma two years ago, Dad! I’m so excited that she’ll be staying with us :) I can’t wait to get home. Is it break yet??

  5. Nicole says:

    Sounds like a great Christmas break to me!!! :-)

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