A Morning in Pictures


Inspired by SUAR, I decided to attempt a “morning in pictures” of my own!

Not every morning is like this (b/c I don’t run every day) but today, I did. Rolled outta bed, laced up my kicks, and head out the door with fingers crossed that my knee wouldn’t hurt after last week’s set back. (don’t mind my massive hat or the fact that it’s on backwards)
Ran around my fav go-to trails. Which also happen to be the CU Buffaloes home XC course (legends have raced here) (ballerrrr).
Ran an out-and-back and to my very pleasant surprise (!!!), my knee didn’t hurt during all 26 minutes of the run (hooray for taking a few days off).
Once back inside, I stretched and rolled it out like a champ. Best $20 investment ever.
Showered, got ready for the day, chatted with my roomie, and made banana bread muffins from a tasty new recipe.
Enjoyed said muffins.
Usually the bus stop is far more crowded (especially on MWFs), but today it was just me and this dude waitin’ to catch the Dash to campus.
After the short 8 minute bus ride to campus, it’s a quick walk to where I work. Home sweet chemistry lab home.

All this good stuff before 9:30am!

What’s your morning look like in pictures??

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Mallory says:

    Cool pics! Glad your knee didn’t hurt!

  2. I HAVE THAT SAME NIKE JACKET/HOODIE THING. And yes, that deserved all caps.

    Yay for no knee pain!

  3. rand says:

    Great news and blog entry! Fun watching your morning. D

  4. Nicole says:

    very interesting! i love stalking the lives of my blogger buddies! LOL

  5. Shutupandrun says:

    I recognzie those running spots!! Thanks for sharing your morning in pictures. Really fun.

  6. the dawn says:

    wow, what a great morning! good job on that run and way to kill it without pain. you are a rockstar!

    hmmm, chemistry lab? i have a whole new level of respect. that place would eat me alive!

  7. Paul Vallett says:

    King Arthur flour comes from VT. It is the best!

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