Schrek The Musical and my folks are here!


On Friday night, Weez and I got all dressed up and took the express bus (man, I love public transportation) down to Denver to see Schrek the Musical at the DCPA. It. Was. Awesome. The actors’ voices were incredible, the show was hilarious, and the sets were off the hook. Well done, DCPA, you put on a great show!
Musicals could quite possibly be one of my favorite ‘pretend rich person’ things to do. The lights, the sounds, the out-of-ordinary act of dressing up and enjoying a night on the town. It’s all fun for a grad student like me. It’s great.

My mom and dad arrived on Saturday! I love having them around… we just hung out all weekend running errands, going for a bike ride, cooking. My brother comes to town on Wednesday and the family Thanksgiving festivities shall begin. I wish my sis and b.i.l. could be here, but I guuuuuuess we have to share them with my b.i.l.’s family too :)

Last little note: My allowed running distance increased yesterday and I ran 22 minutes! No knee pain! Not for one second of the whole run! Hooray! I’m excited for the Turkey Day 5k on Thursday…

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ally says:

    How cute are you guys?!?! (answer: very)

  2. Becky says:

    I LOVE MUSICALS! Being in NY, I get the opportunity to see a lot of plays, but none of them ever seem to compare to the musicals. I guess it’s because it’s the only situation where belting into song seems to be allowed!

  3. the dawn says:

    i’m totally with you on the musicals. i love pretending that i’m fancy enough to do stuff like that. i be shrek would be a super fun show to go to! enjoy the family and holidays :)

  4. Good news on the knee front!! So glad to hear your making progress. This sounds like a great evening! I lived in Co Springs for 8 years – I loved to visit Denver!! Sounds like a wonderful evening.

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