The Cove


Hi Friends,

Yesterday I mentioned I went to see a speaker present on Sunday. His name is Ric O’Barry. Have you heard of him? Have you heard about what he does?

There’s a documentary about what he does and I really want you to see it. It shocked me, resonated within my soul, and gave me goose bumps. It’s an Oscar Award Winner for Best Feature Documentary. It’s called The Cove.

Taken from

THE COVE follows an elite team of activists, filmmakers and freedivers as they embark on a covert mission to penetrate a remote and hidden cove in Taiji, Japan, shining a light on a dark and deadly secret. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, including hidden microphones and cameras in fake rocks, the team uncovers how this small seaside village serves as a horrifying microcosm of massive ecological crimes happening worldwide. The result is a provocative mix of investigative journalism, eco-adventure and arresting imagery, adding up to an unforgettable story that has inspired audiences worldwide to action.

Ric O’Barry is the man behind the mission and seeing him speak at CU on Sunday really moved me. So I wanted to share with you something that meant a lot to me. The documentary is only about 90 minutes long.

Thanks for listening,

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  1. Shutupandrun says:

    I have wanted to see this movie for quite awhile. Sounds amazing.

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