One week and a day


’till my dad and mom drive out to Colorado to visit! They’re coming out for a week long Thanksgiving break and I am beyond excited to see them. Despite the Colorado-Ohio distance, I’m very lucky to see them as many times a year as I do. Yet somehow, it’s not nearly enough :)

Thanksgiving is my ma’s favorite holiday and for that reason, it’s pretty darn special to all of us as well. So many fun, little traditions. Like making table seating assignments out of halved-walnuts, a small block of cheese (or cranberry), and a toothpick flag… All the siblings running in a Turkey Trot (no matter where we were: Singapore, Illinois, Ohio, or this year in Colorado) together… Or how my brother orchestrates the food production… And my dad is always in charge of the perfect homemade gravy. Which leads to the infamous story of way back when my mom and dad first got married, how my mom couldn’t get the gravy consistency just right, so she ended up with practically a gallon of gravy.

Last year, my sister and introduced the idea of small “Thank You” bags. Where we wrote why we’re thankful for that person and put the cards in their bag. I still have the cards each of my family members wrote for me and I’ll hang on to them forever. They mean so much to me.

I just love this time of year. The full change in weather, the family time, the anticipation for Christmas (and Christmas music!). Sigh…

What are some of your Thanksgiving family traditions?

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  1. Ally says:

    Gosh, we don’t really have any! Isn’t that sad?! Like, I really can’t think of any. Well, wait, that’s not true. We always have to watch What About Bob, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Planes Trains and Automobiles either while we’re cooking, or after dinner. I guess that’s a tradition, right?

    Now Christmas? Christmas I could write a book about our traditions and how come hell or high water my future children will be passed down MY Christmas traditions. None of this Santa comes during dinner on Christmas Eve and we eat pizza nonsense that my in laws do. No, no, no.

  2. Maggie says:

    Sounds like a perfect Turkey Day! My family traditions are to run the local Turkey Trot with entire fam (parents, my bros, cousins, aunt..) the morning of, then we all go to my Aunts house for Thanksgiving dinner! :)

  3. Teamarcia says:

    I love that your whole fam trots! Awesome.
    Our traditions have changed since I’ve been married we need to alternate years and all that jazz.

  4. the dawn says:

    hey i found you through the boston blogger-meet up sidebar on misszippy’s site.

    sounds like you have an awesome family with some pretty incredible traditions. i love that you guys run together. i’m actually going to be running my first turkey trot this year. should be fun.

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