Things I Learned Whilst Swimming Today


Today’s swim: 100 yrd WU, 400 freestyle, 400 kickboard (working on kicking form), 6 x 50 freestyle (working on upper body form).

Because I swim at 6am pretty regularly, the early morning lifeguard knows who I am (or maybe it’s b/c of my suit). And we small talk from time to time. Last week, I decided that now that I can swim without feeling like I’m going to drown (step 1, complete) or sink (step 2, complete), it’s time to get real about this whole “form” thing. So when the pool is empty (which it usually is), I ask the LG for tips and to help assess my form. He’s been beyond helpful. I didn’t realize there are so many things to think about!

1. I need to kick less with my feet and more with my quads. Gotta find that power from the upper legs, not the feet.
2. Keep my hips higher in the water. I didn’t realize how far I let them drop until he pointed that out.
3. Don’t start pulling until the other arm is just about to strike the water.
4. Folks swim faster on their side, so allow yourself to “roll” (as he calls) a little during each stroke.

Just a few tips I want to remember, so I figured I’d jot them down.

Swimming with proper form is tough, this is going to take me some time. It’s hard enough trying to remember how to breath right, much less thinking about your arms and your legs and your hips all at the same time. My hat goes off to all you swimmer folk. I’m impressed.

I’m really enjoying learning and hopefully these little form tips will eventually enhance my efficiency in the water. Slowly but surely :)

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  1. Tara says:

    Interesting tips. You’re right, proper swim form is tough, there is a lot to think about!
    I’m trying to do more swimming myself since my stupid injury! I’m actually having fun seeing how much farther I can go each week, but I definitely need to work on form.
    Great job on your swim PR (from the last post)! :)

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