A new (swim) distance PR!


My alarm was set for 5:30AM today, but ya know what happened? I woke up, wide awake at 5:29AM, looked over at my clock and watched the minute hand change and the alarm go off. Funny how that happens. I always laugh and think to myself, ahh I could have slept one more minute!

I had some great company in the lane next to me this morning: my roomie, LJ, joined me at the pool! She, too, is trying to recover from the ouch that marathon training does to our bodies. It was fun to have the company and someone I know in the lane next to me.

Today’s swim felt fantastic: 100 yrd WU, 600 freestyle, 1600 yrds (non stop!), 100 cool down. Phys therapy to follow.

My longest swim sesh, to date! The 1600 yrds non stop is a new distance PR for me! I’m slowly creepin’ up to 2112 yards (1.2 miles. AKA, the half ironman swim distance). I’m quite slow, but I’m proud of me, I really am. Not that that’s even mildly far in the grand scheme of things (especially for all you speedy triathletes out there), but for me, that’s huge! I’ll have a pep in my step today, that’s for sure.

My brother (you know, the one that just rocked the Rev3 Ironman distance triathlon) is passing through town this afternoon, so we’re having lunch (yay!). I haven’t seen that dude in months, so I’m excited to see him and also to tell him about my long swim. He’s inspired me to consider doing a tri next year… and I think I’m ready to tell him I’m serious about signing up for one :) Maybe he’ll join me?

A BIG congrats to all the Chicago marathoners and Kona Triathletes from over the weekend! You guys rock! You deserve a week full of rest, massages, and ice cream… you earned it!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ally says:

    Are you going to do a half iron?? My husband wants to do one–since he swims and bikes, but, the whole running thing is not his forte. I of course, am scared to death of bikes so there will be no tri in my future.

  2. MissZippy says:

    Great job on the swim! It always feel so good to see progress like that. I say go for the tri next year!

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