Eye Candy


Yesterday, I had a nice little swim of 100 yrd WU followed by 6 x 200 freestyle and then my regular phys therapy stuff to strengthen the ol’ ITB/knee.

This mornings swim was: 100 yrd WU, 4 x 100 kick, 4 x 100 pull, 4 x 100 freestyle. The the phys therapy, of course.

Blah blah blah, ok, let’s get past the boring stuff (warning: sorry boys, this post isn’t for you).

As I was adjusting my gogs between 100s, a small group of college ROTC dudes came strolling out on the deck. I thought to myself damn those guys are jacked. Slowly, 2-3 more guys came out, then 5, then 10 more, next thing I knew the entire pool deck was chalked full of hunky dudes in small suits. 56 gorgeous guys (not that I counted) (ok, I totally counted).

What was awkward but equally entertaining was that while I was doing my kickboard 100s (with my head raised above the water), the guys started doing pushups on the deck. As much as I admired their chiseled abs, it got awkward when I approached the wall, going a snails pace (kickboarding is sooooo slow). One would be angled directly at my lane, forced to look my direction and I’d be facing forward (obvi), pretty much forced to stare directly back at the dude.

It’s like when you see a prof or random coworker way down the hallway and you keep walking towards eachother but you don’t look up to do the head nod until you’re just about to pass them. You have no idea where to look because it’s weird to stare/smile/maintain eye contact the entire 47 seconds it takes to finally walk by each other. Tell me you know the awkwardness I’m talking about?

Anyways, yes, I enjoyed the eye candy this morning but hopefully this isn’t a regular thing. The reason I swim at 6am is to avoid the crowds, not swim among them :)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. LauraJ says:

    I know exactly that awkward feeling of avoiding eye contact with someone down the hall!

  2. Maggie says:

    Make faces and grin at them when they have to stare/look back. They’re stuck working out at teh butt crack of dawn too, least that would be amusing.

    Also, totally understand the working out eye candy. Where I rowed crew in college was shared with UC Berk’s Mens Crew. Not only were their shells (boats) streamlined and smexy, but watching them row or carry their boats in their unitards was unf. (They also stuck their socks up their short’s hem for safekeeping, making us giggle a little at their silhouettes.)

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