Getting back in the pool

I’ll admit: I haven’t been working out very much the past few weeks. I think the combination of constant knee pain + my physical therapist telling me to stop running (and sadly, I’m discouraged to get back on my bike in fear that it’ll hinder any recovery) really put a damper on my will to workout.

But late last week something switched. I decided enough is enough, no more excuses, no more mopping around, no more BS.

It had been 2 weeks since my last swim (or workout of any kind) and I felt awkward in the water. Friday’s swim was tough to get my breathing right and I felt floppy. Monday’s swim went better but those 200s were exhausting. I was trying to swim hard each time, to negative split (which I did!). And today, today was fantastic. I feel like I got my swim arms back.

Friday (9/24): 50 yrd WU, 800 freestyle, 100 kickboard
Monday (9/27):  50 yrd WU, 7 x 200 freestyle, 2 x 200 kickboard
Thursday (9/30): 100 yrd WU, 4 x 300 freestyle, 1 x 400 freestyle, 100 kickboard

I remember 10 months ago, when I started ‘distance’ swimming for the very first time. I couldn’t get down and back without needing to stop. And today, 300s (12 lengths) felt like a breeze. My breathing relaxes so much quicker now and I can focus on other things like pulling through the water or kicking harder.

October is going to be my Swim Month. I’m more motivated than ever :)

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  1. I love swimming, it is such a great workout (and really really hard)! Great job with your improvements!!!

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