The Twitch Eye

I’ve got the mad case of twitchy-eye goin’ on right now. My undergrad (J-Town) told me I’m stressed. I think he’s talking crazy. It could be pressure from research (“you. must. publish. soon. erin.”) or anxiety from the MRI results I’ll be receiving this afternoon, but other than that my life is so not stressful. I have a plate full of awesome coming up this week/weekend and the only big downer in my life is the lack of running.

Speaking of awesome upcoming events: tonight is my first creative photography workshop! I am STOKED. This weekend? I’m going to my very first CU home football game! A group of my friends and I are meeting up with Sam and I am totally painting my face for the occasion. It’ll be fun and I’ll certainly post pictures next week. I’m also going camping this weekend, which is always a good time.

So now that I’ve clarified how not stressed out I am, will you please stop twitching, Eye?


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  1. melon says:

    OOoooooOOoooh results soon!!

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