My brother is an Ironman!

Huge huge huge CONGRATS to my brother, Will, for dominating the Rev3 Cedar Point Ironman Distance Triathlon yesterday! Not only did he crush the entire 140.6 miles in just over 12 hours (SICKKK), but he did it with a huge smile on his face. Psh, it’s like he makes doing an Ironman no big deal. It’s only 140.6 miles by foot and working out for 12+ hours straight, guys, aaaaanyone can do that, right?!

Although my sister, her hubby, and I weren’t there in OH with him, it felt like a family event… My mom and dad were there supporting and cheering him on, meanwhile my Liv, Greg, and I were refreshing results/watching the live video stream/calling our parents/receiving video and picture texts all day. I was even able to watch him finish!

We are so ridiculously proud of you, Will, you’re an IRONMAN!

Ha, well my weekend won’t sound nearly as badass as my brother’s, but it was sweet nonetheless. On Friday, I took my first ever tango dance lesson! I didn’t step on any toes (win!) and I actually had a ton of fun! On Saturday, I took hopefully my last cumulative exam in graduate school (fingers crossed), then hit up the pool for 1760 yards (1 mile) of wall tag followed by weights. On Sunday, Weez and I went for a short hike near NCAR then I worked in lab for a few hours. Pshaw, I could totally be an Ironman.

Have a great Monday everyone! And congrats again to my big bro! You’re a beast!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Will says:

    Ready to register for the whole Boulder tri series? ;) I want to show you old stage road before you decide on Boulder Peak- I think I would rather do the half iron course than face the hill in the middle of the Peak course.

  2. melon says:

    When do you find time to breathe? Also, Will is a BA.

  3. Tara says:

    Your brother IS A STUD! Congrats to him on his race. I could never imagine….

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