Come on, Rain


My thoughts are with all the folks whose homes, pets, and lives are affected by the Boulder Fourmile Canyon fire. I can’t even imagine, needing to flee my home, taking only what I could grab with a minutes notice. Boulder County Officials say that the fire is 0-percent under control. So far (according to the Daily Camera, Boulder’s newspaper), the fire has destroyed 92 structures and over 7,100 acres of land.

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For my friends and family back home, Fourmile Canyon is 6.5 miles north of my apartment and 4 miles from where I work, so I’m very lucky to be safely distanced from the fire. There are no concerns for folks in my area to be evacuated. On Monday afternoon (the fire started around 10am), ash was falling from the sky near campus. Everywhere, I’m talking everywhere, reeks of smoke and is hazy: walking down the sidewalk, sitting on the bus, inside my research lab, the hallways in the chemistry building. My hair and clothes smell like campfire.

While parts of the sky are returning back to its usual blue color, the Flatirons and northwest Boulder are still hidden behind a gray/greenish smoke.

Fortunately the wind has died down from the 45mph gusts on Monday, but now, let’s just pray for rain.

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  1. Sam F. says:

    Reminds me of the fires we have down here. We got to spend four days out of our house in 2007 because they were about 150 yards away. Fire is scary stuff!

  2. Ally says:

    I HATE wildfires. We had to evacuate our house in California once, years ago, it was scary. One of my college friends lost her home in the San Diego fires in 2003. So sad!

  3. Wow that it is so scary! I hope the rain will come soon!

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