James Peak


Over the weekend, Weez and I camped near and hiked James Peak (13,294 ft). We love camping in this area not only because it’s ridiculously gorgeous, a short hour drive from Boulder, and relatively secluded, but because my mom and dad used to live there!

Back in the day, my mom and dad lived off an old dirt road, near the east portal of the Moffet Tunnel (cuts under the continental divide). Their house is still there – a wooden green two story with an outhouse out back – as well as the “town” of Tolland, which consists of only a few small houses side by side. The old yellow school house still looks the same, just down the road.

My mom and dad used to hike James Peak all the time (seeing as the trailhead was only a few miles from their door). Dad gave us the heads up that it’s a long-ish hike (7 hours round trip!) and mom warned us of the crazy winds along the ridge towards the summit.

I made a short video with pictures/video clips from the hike so that I could show my folks their ol’ stompin’ ground :) We had a blast hiking James Peak, such a memorable experience! We were thinkin’ of you all day, mom and dad! Enjoy!

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