20 hours of driving for one concert? Oh HELL yes.


Something Corporate, one of my favorite bands of ALL times broke up a few years ago but they’re BACK on and going on a reunion tour! They’re only playing in a handful of cities nationwide, the closest one to me being Salt Lake City. So when my buddy Erik (who lives in Steamboat, and fellow lover of SoCo) told me about this concert, it was a no brainer that we’d embark on an epic road trip and drive out to Salt Lake City!

It’s a 3.5 hour drive to Steamboat from Boulder, then another 6.5 from SB to SLC. 20 hour road trip, in one weekend, for a 2-3 hour concert. Absolutely, 100%, without a doubt worth it.

Words can’t describe how wildly excited I am. I’ve been blasting SoCo for weeks leading up to this weekend. I’m taking off for Steamboat tonight after work, then we’re driving out to SLC on Saturday. The concert starts at 9pm. Doors open at 7:30. We’re showing up at 6. We want front row. And we’re getting’ it darn it. As for sleep? Well, if we sleep, we’re bringing camping gear. And we’ll find somewhere to pop a tent outside the city.

SoCo is the anthem to my college days and I’ll probably scream like a HS girl the second Andrew walks out on stage. Ohhhhhh man. Can.not.wait.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to get to a concert before? Who would you drive 20 hours in one weekend to go see live?

(PS. good luck to all the racers and Leadville 100 ultrarunners this weekend!)

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  1. Tara says:

    WOW, that’s a lot of drive time. I’ve never heard of them (I’m old), but I like most groups, so I would probably like their music. I’ll have to look them up.

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