Operation DMW, Week 1


Operation Drink More Water, week 1: complete!

But I’ll admit. I almost blew it on Monday. I was gulping down the last of my “I want to drink 32 oz of water every day for 1 month” at about 11:30pm. And the weekends? I have a hard enough time remembering to DMW during the work week when I’m sitting in lab, much less on an active weekend. But I managed to stick to it and I’m 1 week down.

I was suppose to get up and go for a bike ride this morning, but I couldn’t pry myself out of bed. I was in lab kinda late last night, burning my lungs on triethylamine and making paraformaldehyde, so I was a bum and didn’t get up. I’m sure my ITB didn’t mind. ¬†Chemistry is pretty hectic these days, and I’m loving it. It’s nice to be busy and feel challenged. Oh grad school, how you never fail to bore me.

Happy Thursday! (only one more day till my epic road trip weekend!!!)

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  1. will says:

    I can’t believe you have trouble with this, I drink 16oz of water every morning before I even put my contacts in. Certainly over a gallon a day. Some weekend when I get back to wyoming and you visit we will go ounce for ounce and you can see how much better your body acts when properly hydrated.

  2. e410 says:

    Haha, yeah, I have no idea why I’m so bad about drinking water. It’s shameful. Hopefully this “goal” will turn drinking more H2O into a habit!

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