A New (school) Year

Inspired by the new haircut I got last week, I decided to make over my blog a little bit :) WordPress is still such a mystery to me (web design is beyond me), but I had fun mixing up the theme, adding a couple new pictures, and modifying the layout. I hope it’s just as easy to follow as it is to write!

I’ve been having so much fun (and being crazy busy with lab stuff) these past few weeks that I’ll admit, my running/working out is totally slacking. My ITB still hurts (blah blah blah), which only further convinces my sleepy mind to stay in bed and keep sleeping in the mornings. But I was good this morning! I got up and road my bike for 14 refreshing miles. Oh, oh, and I rode for 25ish miles on Sunday (rewarded with leftover bday cake, of course). One of my favorite things about cycling is how effortless an hour thirty on a bike can feel. I wish swimming was like that for me.

Despite the jam-packed campus sidewalks, waiting 15 mins to order a stinkin’ coffee, the crowded buses, and the soon-to-be disappearance of my undergrad slave research assistant, I’m really looking forward to the start of a new school year here. For one, I dig the hustle and bustle of the omgi’mgoingtobelateforochem flooding the chemistry hallways (oh to be young and stressed out again). For two, the student rec center. I didn’t pay the money over the summer to use the pool and I kiiiiiiind of missed it. So I’m really looking forward to my student fees kicking in, forcing me to work on my eversogracefull freestyle. I think I need a new swimsuit first, though. I hear saggy swimsuit butt isn’t all that cute.

So as the new students unload their parents’ cars into their new 10×10 ft dorm rooms and hug their parents goodbye this week (I totally cried when my parents dropped me off), I’ll look out my chemistry lab window and reminisce about my first week in college.

And then realize that I’m officially a 3rd year grad student. What the, when did that happen?!

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