If it seems like I haven’t been running much,


it’s true. Other than a handful of short runs (some of which, barefoot) I haven’t been running much. Not much at all, I’m afraid. Which leads me to both some bad and some good news.

The bad news. I’m not running the Denver marathon.
My dang knee/ITB is just still too painful to run more than 30 minutes on. I need my knee to be 100% by January when I start training for the Boston marathon, so I decided it’s best not to gimp through the Denver. I’m really bummed that I won’t get to run another Operation Jack marathon with Sam, but truthfully, I’ve got something very wonderful to look forward to in mid-October :)

The good news. That exact same weekend happens to be one of my friend’s wedding! The lovely Miss Cara is getting hitched and I’m beyond stoked to see her tie the knot with her man. So I don’t get to run another marathon in 2010? There will always be a chance to run another marathon. But witnessing my friend getting married and taking a mini vacay to NYC? Double Win!

I can’t wait, October is going to be a fantastic month :)

Thanks everyone for your opinions and suggestions about the haircut situation! Sounds like ya’ll think #2 would be a good way to go, I dig that. When I go and get my hair cut next week, I’ll post some before/after shots! Woohoo! Bring on the new do!


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  1. Tara says:

    Dang girl, so sorry that you won’t be able to run Denver. It sounds like you have a nice month planned; my sister just got married last month and it was so special. You’re right, there will be other marathons; take care of yourself.

    Can’t wait to see that haircut!

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