Transitioning to Pavement


I woke up to the sweetsweet sound of my alarm at 6am this morning to hit the road to ride a few miles before work. I was only planning on going out for 30 minutes, but I felt pretty darn good and time seriously flies when you’re road biking. So instead, I enjoyed a solid 50 minute ride. Nothing hurt, my left foot didn’t go numb (sometimes it does. I know, weird), and it just felt really nice to have the morning breeze in my face. Colorado mornings are beautiful, especially when all it takes is 10 minutes and you’re riding alongside a reservoir and farm country.

After the ride, I threw on my running shorts and hit the pavement again but this time for a short run. Man, it feels awkward trying to run after being on a bike. I’m still struggling with my ITB and I really want it to heal before Boston training, so I kept it short. I ran to my usual grassy spot (5 minutes away), ran around the field for 5 minutes (barefoot), then ran home (5 minutes).

This time, instead of running with my shoes on for the way back home, I ran home barefoot. BOY did my stride, gate, foot placement, and pace change the second I stepped on pavement instead of grass! It’s remarkable. Running literally felt so much more light and smooth when I was running barefoot on the pavement. The pads of my feet, however, felt a little tender but that went away within minutes of getting home.

Who knows if I’ll seriously get into running barefoot more often (or longer distances) (or, even commit to buying those Vibram FiveFingers), but for now, all I know is that my ITB doesn’t hurt when I a.) am only running for 15 minutes and b.) am running barefoot.

And that is fantastic news.

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