Off To Ohio!


I am SO excited!

I’m flying to Ohio tonight to meet up with my pops, to ride with him for 2 days across part of Ohio! I was secretly jealous but totally happy for my brother when he rode with my dad for those 8 days across Colorado, Nebraska, and Missouri. Then my sister and brother in law met up with my dad in Illinois to ride a day with him. I know how much it means to my dad to have spent those days with my brothers and sister, so I’m really lucky to get the opportunity to join him for 2 days of my own! Father-daughter bonding time :)

I’m also soooo looking forward to seeing my mom and spending a night at my parents’ home. Then before I leave on Sunday, I’m meeting up with a very good friend of mine from college, so that will be lovely, too!

I’ve got my bike gear packed (sidenote: I’m not bringing my own bike back with me – I’m borrowing one), my camera battery charged, and boarding pass printed. Bring on the adventure! :) See ya on the flip side!


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