Number 8


Number 8: Hike Another 14-er…. Check! :)

On Saturday, 3 friends and I woke up at an ungodly hour (3am!) and drove to the Grays Peak trailhead to hike Grays and Torreys, two 14,000ft mountains west of Denver. It was a gorgeous day and though it started chilly, we warmed up quickly. The route we hiked was about 8.5 miles roundtrip, with an elevation gain of 3,600 ft. We got to the trailhead around 4:45am and we were on our way by 5!

Me, Weez, Mark, and LJ at 5AM at the trailhead

Fortunately, the trail didn’t stay dark for long. It was really neat because when the sun came up, we could see what we were getting ourselves into and the peaks looked so far away! It was such a gorgeous morning.

Grays (left; 14,270ft) and Torreys (right; 14,267ft)

The hike was pretty strenuous at times but nothin’ 4 active grad students couldn’t handle :) We stopped a handful of times along the way up, for water/food/to take pictures.

Taking a breather, half way up

Mark brought his delicious homemade granola, which tasted like heaven at 6am while we watched the sun light up the green valleys below, like something out of The Land Before Time (loved that movie). And Daisy frolicked among the daisies…

After about 2.5 invigorating hours of hiking straight up the mountain, we finally made it to the summit! And what a view it was! This is the panaramic view from the top of Grays.

At the summit of Grays Peak!

We met this guy at the summit who started doing pushups and I felt inspired (or maybe just oxygen deprived), so I decided to join him and bust out a few pushups of my own. I can proudly say I did 21 push ups at 14,000 feet. (only 29 more to go!)

The view of Torreys from Grays was spectacular. We followed the trail along the saddle and made our way to summit #2.

The view of Torreys, from the Grays' summit
Torreys Peak Summit

We drank some more water, enjoyed part 2 of our breakfasts, relaxed, took more pictures, and when we became sufficiently cold enough, we decided to head back down :)

Round trip, it took us about 6 hours to summit both peaks. Woot! Boy was I exhausted by the time we got back to Mark’s car. It’s safe to assume I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon napping on the couch, watching TV, and drinking as much water as I could. What a day! So proud and so excited to have summitted not one, but two 14ers!

Can’t wait to do another :)

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