Tearin’ Up the Pavement and a Spontaneous Trip in Store!


First off, THANK YOU so much to everyone who voted for Operation Jack and the Chase Community Giving Project! O.J. was one of the top 200 charities, and as a result, won $20,000! This is HUGE and means the world to O.J. So thank you a hundred times for supporting me, Sam, and this amazing charity.

Well, life is really good on this end. I feel healthy, active, and happy. I hiked Grays and Torreys (2 14,000ft mtns just west of Denver – recap will be up tomorrow!) on Saturday and I’ve been getting a lot of miles in on my road bike. On Sunday, I went out for my longest ride yet: 41 miles! It took about 3 hours, including a pit stop in this tiny little town called Hygiene, CO for a snack/water break. I felt really good the whole time, but I definitely started getting tired by the end. 40 miles is a long ways to go. I’m proud of me for hitting that kind of mileage. It feels really, really good :)

I took yesterday off (my goodness, I needed it… my legs are sore), but I hopped back on the bike this morning for a 20-miler. Today felt different. For the first time, I felt 100% comfortable, in control of my bike. I felt like I understood it, I know how it’ll respond to gear shifting, it moves with me when I stand up and climb uphill, I’m comfortable leaning down and throwing my hands in the drops while I let myself fly downhill. It feels good. It feels really, really good.

And I’ve got some very exciting news! I made a last minute decision to fly out to Ohio this weekend to meet up with my Dad, who’s riding his bicycle across America! He’s crossing into Ohio today and he’ll be riding into Wooster, OH (the town where I went to college!) on Friday, so I’m flying out on Thursday night, meeting up with my dad on Friday, and riding into my college town with him :) I’m planning on riding with him on Saturday, too. I canNOT wait!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. Ally says:

    You are a bike riding machine!! Love it! I have GOT to make my way up to CO to go hiking with you! And running, of course.

    Have so much fun riding with your dad, that’s awesome.

    And ohmygosh, Operation Jack! How freaking awesome is that?? I kind of got teary! It’s so amazing. Sam and OJ deserve this so much!

    So grateful that because of Operation Jack I’ve “met” you!

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