4th of July Weekend Plans


I just wrapped up a few hours in lab and now I’m looking forward to relaxing and having fun with friends on this 4th of July weekend. I love the 4th of July. This holiday always reminds me of being on my parents’ sail boat, the warm summer sun, and fresh ocean (or lake, depending on where we kept our boat at the time) breeze. Looking out across the dock as the sun sets, soaking in the colors, letting the rocking of the boat sway me from side to side. We’d watch the fireworks from the bow of the boat, oohing and ahhhing our favorites. Mine and my moms are always the twinkling weeping willow-looking ones. This holiday is quite special to my parents, because on July 4th 1969, mom and dad went on their very first date :)

Though I won’t be on the boat this year, I’m still pretty excited about my weekend plans. This 2010 4th of July weekend starts this afternoon, relaxing poolside with a few friends (a first for the summer) enjoying a few glasses of sangria. Tomorrow I’m running (casually, definitely not racing) in Avery Brewery‘s 4k on the 4th. A couple of my lab mates did it last year and had fun, so I look forward to having a nice, light run followed by a couple pints of Avery’s delicious brew. Plus, we get sweet t-shirts! Should be a really good time. Who knows where I’ll settle myself down to watch the fireworks on Sunday night, but I hear Boulder puts on a nice show out by Chautauqua and the Flatirons. Maybe Weez and I will head up the CU stadium to watch. I hear they let people in for free.

Happy 4th of July weekend, all!

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