Things I’d Like to Tell My 17 Year-old Self

(inspired from an artist)

1. Your relationship with your brother won’t be this way forever. In a year, after a rough break up, Will will drop everything, drive up to Wooster, and save you. You’ll be close from then on.

2. Take more pictures next summer. You’ll wish you had more pictures from when you lived on the boat with mom and dad.

3. Buy a leather bound diary. Write about all the people and things who and that change your life in college. It’ll be awesome to look back at and reread.

4. You won’t like your archeology class. But you’ll love the late night paper writing sesh’s that you and your roomie will have.

5. You’ll have your heart broken again, but you’ll learn a lot about yourself through the process. And it won’t feel like it at the time, but I promise you, you’ll be okay.

6. 2 people will scribble their screen names on your arm one night, IM the first one when you wake up.

7. Go to that concert. It’ll change your life.

8. Take XC and track more seriously your first 2 years of college. Don’t wait till your junior year to outshine your high school times.

9. Mom and Dad are right, about pretty much everything.

10. You’ll be offered the opportunity to take a photography class. Who cares if the film costs extra. Take it.

11. Don’t stress out so much about grades. You’re a smart girl, you’ll do just fine.

12. You don’t want to be a math major. But take linear algebra anyways. You’ll make some really great friends through it.

13. When you read The Perks of Being a Wildflower, highlight your favorite quotes.

14. When your sister gets married, don’t worry, you won’t lose her forever. She’ll always be your sister. Plus, you’ll totally love your brother in law.

15. Grandpa and Grandma are going to move into dad and mom’s place in a few years. Soak up every minute you have at home with them.

16. Do not paint yourself green for that Big and Tall party. It’ll just look awkward and despite the scrubbing, your skin will have a green tint for days.

17. Listen to more Beatles on those old vinyl.

18. You will develop your taste for music on long road trips. And it’s okay to listen to music while you’re driving. Turn it up a little, even.

19. You’ll be relieved to know that in the grown up world, date nights do not include Halo.

20. Even though you got a 3 on the AP exam and don’t want to think about chemistry ever again, a college chemistry prof will change your mind. And you’ll never look back.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. melon says:

    Love it. Especially 19.

  2. Mom says:

    Six years ago, when we sent you off to college, my only advice was “Do your best, enjoy each day, and blossom”. You make me proud. You make me cry.

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