Cycling and Push Ups


It’s the end of June (ps. when did this happen?!), which means 2 things:
1. Time to get consistent with marathon training/working out every day (I’m registered for the Denver Marathon, on October 17th)
2. Time to start checking goals off My List… my birthday is about 6 weeks away and I’ve got quite a few (reasonable) goals left to check off.

Even though my knee/ITB is still a problem (which means I can’t actually run 100% of the time), I’m totally in love with cycling and my new bike. I think cross training on the bike will be a great way to maintain my fitness level. That way, when I jump back into long runs in a few weeks, it won’t be so brutal.

Yesterday after work but before meeting up with some friends for trivia night at the local Irish pub (totally fun, btw), I went for a solid 45 minute ride. I road east out of town, had to climb a few hills (phew), and really enjoyed the view. Then again this morning, I met up with a friend (and experienced cyclist) and he showed me this great 17 mile (1:10 hr) loop. He’s stronger than I am, but I totally dug the company and I got a solid workout out of it. I’m so grateful for the cyclist friends that I have to ride with, to help show me the ropes, and teach me stuff about my bike.

Because Goal #6 is to do 50 pushups in a row (remind why I thought this was reasonably feasible?), I’ve started getting serious about doing big girl pushups. I found this “training program” called One Hundred Push Ups. Basically, in 6 weeks it’ll whip your arms into shape and you’ll be able to do 100 push ups in a row! The plan isn’t all that intense and if I can make it to 50 push ups in a row, I’ll call it a victory (I’m only up to 15 in a row right now. I know, I know, I have chicken arms). I’ve been doing sit ups afterwards, too (Goal #7).

So yeah! Happy times working out/cycling/doing push ups. I feel healthier, stronger, and less bummed that I can’t run all the time. I could really get into this :)


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  1. Sam F. says:

    I need to get on that pushup thing. I was doing that close to two years ago, but then I stopped for whatever reason and I was up into the 60s or so. The plan works, though, so stick at it. You get better and you only need 5 or 10 minutes about three times a week.

  2. Ally says:

    I need to focus on push ups!!! Gah. Thanks for the reminder :)

    Also, my ITB is acting up again too. I can still run ::knocks on woods:: but I was doing weights at the gym the other day and squats were OUT. Not good!! I didn’t wear my stupid strap on my 16 miler last week which is probably what did it, but, it’s so dang hot that it falls right off from the sweat within 5 minutes (gross).

    Enjoy your cross training!

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